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During the last few months the European Survey of Information Society has undergone many changes. Firstly, an update of ESIS I, covering the 15 member states of the EU, has begun.

Secondly, ESIS II, covering central and eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area, has been updated.

Thirdly, the ESIS Knowledge Base is now on-line.

This information source is therefore an essential guide for all persons concerned with the development of IS in the EU, CEEC and Mediterranean regions.

Furthermore, ESIS can play a role in the preparations of the EU and the CEEC for forthcoming enlargement by collecting basic data on the Information Society and helping develop a better understanding of the 'acquis communautaire' in the CEEC.

The ESIS inventory of IS projects conducted in the EU Member-States in 1997-1998 has been a key resource enabling users to monitor the progress of the Information Society in the European Union.

The European Commission has decided to launch an update campaign of the data held on ESIS projects, so that the database will remain one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information sources on European Information Society projects.

The update will focus on IS projects, key persons and organisations and Basic Facts and Indicators as well as a survey of IS national strategies.

The updates will be made on-line by those responsible for each individual project. Furthermore, all the key features of ESIS 1 (as of January 1999) will remain available via the search engine as well.

The database of IS projects, promotional actions and key persons and organisations and the reports on regulatory developments, alternative networks, promotional activities, key persons and organisations and WWW indicators for the CEEC and the Mediterranean area have been updated and are now on-line.

The database now contains 377 IS projects, 594 promotional actions, 2122 key person contacts and 1985 organisations.


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